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Installing an Eco-Rise System

Due to the growing popularity of pond-free water features the Eco-Rise was developed to meet the needs that self-contained fountain basins could not accomplish. Traditional Fountain Basins have weight, size and splash limitations that inhibit the type of fountain piece that can be chosen. The Eco-Rise system is able to capture any amount of splash, can support literally tons of weight and makes installation a breeze. The extremely strong radial structure of the Eco-Rise handles the weight of heavier statuary, vases and columns while providing a broad stable base over Eco-Blox reservoirs. The versatility of the Eco-Rise used in conjunction with Eco-Blox, PV1700 Pump Vault and Triton 3-Way Diverter allows for multiple features in any configuration above odd basin shapes, while keeping plumbing and flow adjustment topside for easy access. 





How to Calculate Total Dynamic Head

Choosing the wrong pump for your water feature can leave you with an unsatisfactory appearance, excessive operating costs, shortened life for your pump, and dissatisfaction with the project. Choosing the right pump for your application is simple when you know the TDH, or Total Dynamic Head, which is the measure of the work your pump will have to perform. Atlantic’s Guide to Calculating TDH makes it easy. To follow along you will need a piece of scrap paper, a pencil and a calculator.


Find out How to Keep Pumps Alive, how to clean them, what they cost to run, and the many advantages of using two smaller pumps instead of one large one, saving money and headaches, on the back panel of our Let’s Talk Pumps Trifold, available free of charge online and at dealers all over the country.


Download the guide here:

Choosing the Perfect Pump by Calculating Total Dynamic Head


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