Atlantic-OASE Professional Contractor Spotlight – Alan Koontz

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The next Atlantic-OASE Professional Contractor Spotlight for December 2019 is APC Alan Koontz and his wife Sherry Koontz.

Alan & Sherry Koontz – Carolina Pondscapes, Inc., North Carolina

How long you’ve been working in the industry: I personally have been in the industry since 1999, but wife Sherry has been in it for about 25 years.

What you love about what you do: A good pond builder is an “Artist”.  Taking a Blank Canvas in the landscape and being able to create a “Work of Art”!  

Favorite Atlantic-OASE product: As a whole, I like all the products and enjoy installing the Colorfalls. These give the customers a multitude of options for seasonal lighting

One of your favorite projects you’ve done: Our latest Koi Viewing Window, in Greensboro, is one of my favorite projects.

New projects I’m working on: We are working on plans now for a large swim pond in another city. This will include bog filtration, large weathered boulders (diving size) and a multitude of different techniques implemented into the feature.  

Anything else you’d like to share with your fellow APC’s: Work Together. Don’t put down anyone else’s work. Be willing to help each other and learn from everyone. As one of the older pond builders / companies in this industry, I have acquired a lot of knowledge and gained valuable experience, but I learn new techniques, new challenges and still ask questions on different construction projects. Certification is great, but don’t use that as a reason to put down other contractors that have not gone through the certification process since there are many pond builders out there that are much more experienced and do better work that many certified ones. Always challenge yourself to become better from the last project you completed. Never settle for “It looks good,” always strive for “It Looks Great!” 

See more from Alan, Sherry and Carolina Pondscapes, Inc. on their social media pages. Facebook – Carolina Pondscapes and Instagram – @carolinapondscapes

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