Atlantic & OASE Products, A Perfect Compliment to One Another

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Atlantic already had the broadest line of water feature products designed specifically to enhance Outdoor Living, and now we can offer even more to the hardscape contractor.

We already offered eight solid brass Wall Spouts to choose from, sixteen Spillways in acrylic, brushed stainless or copper finishes that combine to accommodate any width waterfall, the only self-contained WaterWalls on the market and a host of nozzles, basins and pumps.

Atlantic Wall Spout

Now we are delighted to present advanced fountain, filtration and maintenance products from OASE to the American contractor. From world famous Water Entertainment products to delight the senses in new ways, to pressurized filtration to keep installations crystal clear, OASE adds new dimensions to fountain technology. Multiple models of vacuums, in-pond skimmers and filters and clever accessories keep installations free of debris and lower fountain maintenance to a minimum. Cutting edge pumps thrive on a far wider range of water quality, from high alkalinity to marine salinity, at a far lower cost to operate than ever before. Some ‘perfect pairings’ spring to mind:

OASE Water Entertainment products, the Water Trio, Water Quintet and Water Jet Lightning pair up beautifully with Atlantic Fountain System products. The illuminated jumping jets and laminar streams all work well on a field of EPDM liner around the PV1700 Vault, in a pocket with its top at water level. With the liner set to hold just a few inches of water, the individual pump and lighting units can be spread widely to create a whimsical field of dancing jets or laminar arches of water up to 30 feet apart. The Vault allows for an easily plumbed Autofill to eliminate low water concerns, as well as a convenient location for a separate pump operating from one, three or many fountain nozzles. Pockets dug before the liner is spread can accommodate beautiful marginal plants like Iris and Hibiscus, while an Ionizer set in the Vault eliminates any worry of green gunk overtaking the shallow gravel beds that cover the liner.  

OASE Water Jet Lightning

OASE Pressure Filters, like BioPress and FiltoClear, are the perfect way to maintain great water quality in Hardscape water features with open basins. Water quality is often overlooked in fountain basins, but excellent water quality is easily attainable by routing some of the water from the pump into an OASE Filtoclear before returning it to circulation. Available for fountains of up to 8000 gallons, the only restriction is that the water be returned at a vertical height no greater than 7 feet above the filter. The filter can be hidden remotely, a great advantage with fountains where all sides are visible. Simply use 2” tubing to overcome any friction losses caused by distance. For larger fountains, multiple filters may be connected in series. For the ultimate in automation and connectivity, the ProfiClear will even notify the installer or homeowner when it has automatically finished cleaning itself, via the Cloud. 

 Whether you want to enhance a Water Entertainment system with the least maintenance infrastructure possible, or add advanced filtration to a Fountain or Formal Spillway, Atlantic-OASE has the perfect pairing for profit and performance.

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Demi has been in water garden construction since 1986. As Atlantic’s Director of Product Information, if he’s not building water features, he’s writing or talking about them. If you have a design or construction question, he’s the one to ask.

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