Atlantic-OASE Professional Contractor Spotlight – Lloyd Lightsey

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Join us in recognizing another “Monstrously” incredible Atlantic-OASE Professional Contractor (APC) spotlight, Lloyd “The Pond Monster” Lightsey.

Lloyd Lightsey – The Pond Monster, Florida

How long you’ve been working in the industry: I have been in the industry for 46 years, I started when I was 13. There is a great article in POND Trade magazine on how Slocum Water Gardens birthed the monster. (You can read it here.)

What you love about what you do: Everyone loves a water feature and are always drawn to it. As your eyes catch the glimmer of the Water from a distance, it lures you to it. Also the sound of the water flowing always seems to mesmerize you and bring a calming to the soul. Case in point, if viewing pictures from a vacation there is always usually a fountain or a waterfall in the back drop.

Favorite Atlantic-OASE product: From Atlantic it is the PS15000 Skimmer and from OASE it is any of the Filtoclear series.

How long have you been an APC: 5 years

One of your favorite projects you’ve done: The “Living” the Pond Life build during the Water Garden Expo located at The Pond Shop in Shawnee OK, which was headed up by myself and the most awesome Demi Fortuna. This build maybe one that will never be duplicated as 5 different manufacturers came together and worked side-by-side to complete this build that is dedicated to those who have and have not lost their battle with cancer. I will be for ever humbled and grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this as it made me love and respect every person and manufacture that was there. With a lot of appreciation for Atlantic Water Gardens for supplying the materials and of course to Pondliner Unit liner for allowing us to do it. My main goal for this build was to put an eternal flame at the top of this build for all those to be remembered. That was and always will be a very emotional build for me, as my dedication to this build was to my wife who won her battle with cancer and still stands by my side in this industry.

New projects I’m working on: I have a project coming up to which we will be installing a new filtration system at one of the attractions here in Florida that features a white alligator.

Anything else you’d like to share with your fellow APC’s: I feel very blessed with being in this industry with those who I have met and look forward to meeting. I do love what I do as we make friends one pond at a time. As for any advice I would have for anyone in the industry or about to get into the industry, I highly recommend PONDS services. When I was contacted by my good friend BJ Linger to help build my web page and to start putting me at the top of the Google list, my business has absolutely taken off phenomenally it is the best market in advertising that I have ever seen.

See more of Lloyd, The Pond Monster, on his Facebook page, Thepondmonster or visit his website

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Caitlyn Winkle

After graduating from the University of Akron, Caitlyn joined Atlantic-OASE in the fall of 2019. Caitlyn manages the social media and online content for the company. She also supports the Atlantic-OASE Professional Contractor (APC) Program and Marketing Departments in creating marketing and advertising strategies and plans.

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