OASE Water Quintet and Trio

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The Water Quintet and Trio from Atlantic-OASE will make a great addition to your landscape or pond. Both products, right out of the box, can be set up in a pond or water feature.

The thing that makes these units special is how you can use them in your own creative manner. First, remove the top cover by simply turning the nozzle cover on each nozzle and remove the top. Each pump is attached to plastic base with four screws, once screws are removed the pump is free from the base. Now the fun and creativity can begin. You can now vary the height of each nozzle with the extension tubes or leave them all the same height. Each pump is now able to be placed in any pattern you would like.

Each nozzle can be moved up to a 10-degree angle to give you a straight up or arched looked. It is best to secure each pump to a paver, thick pvc or a plastic plank to ensure the are stable.

The remote allows you to use them in 9 different patterns with the 9th  being a random pattern of the 8. You can also combine up to 5 units on one remote the achieve a larger display of nozzles. Using the Quintet and Trio in this manner will achieve a look and feel that will surely please anyone that is viewing it. 

About the Author:

Jim Chubb

Jim is Atlantic-OASE’s Midwest Regional Sales Manager and has 26+ years of sales experience and 16+ years in the water garden industry.

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