Celebrating National Pet Day with Your Water Feature’s #1 Fans

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April 11th is National Pet Day and we’re celebrating the best way we know how – by showing the internet the cutest furry friends loving their water features!

This pup parading through his new pond

Liquid Landscapes Inc. wrote an article in POND Trade Magazine about building a water feature for his client, Stella, to play in! Read it here.

Because who are we kidding? The real reason we install ponds are for our pets!

Art of the Yard creates ponds for all wildlife, pets included!

Hawksley loved visiting Atlantic’s water garden at the old building in Mantua!

Waterfall loving dogs

Big or small, all of our contractor’s dogs love their waterfalls!

Little white dog standing on a waterfall

American River Waterscapes‘ cutest mascot!

Our Atlantic-OASE Staff have some water feature loving pets too!

Tyson & Moose are some happy and hydrated hounds!

Cooper loves playing in his mini fountain and pond!

Bailey is always hanging by the pond!

Thor treats his fountains as his own personal drinking bowls!

Brewster loves his bubbling fountains!

We hope you celebrate National Pet Day with your furry family members! And if you don’t have a water feature for your pet, give your pet the best National Pet Day gift and install one for them!

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Caitlyn Winkle

After graduating from the University of Akron, Caitlyn joined Atlantic-OASE in the fall of 2019. Caitlyn manages the social media and online content for the company. She also supports the Atlantic-OASE Professional Contractor (APC) Program and Marketing Departments in creating marketing and advertising strategies and plans.

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