An Iris-istible Flower To Add To Your Pond

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You have so many options to choose from when it comes to adding plants to your pond and in honor of today being Iris Day, consider adding these iris-istible flowers to your pond! These beautiful flowers come in a range of colors and varieties that make for an eye catching addition to any pond!

Types of Irises

Water irises are semi-aquatic or bog plants that grow best in shallow water. Several types of irises will also grow in wet soil along the edge of the pond or in wet soil as well.

I’ve listed some of the different varieties of irises below! If you’d like to learn more about each variation of the beautiful irises I picked out to share in this blog, visit the North Carolina Extension Gardener Plant Toolbox website here!

Rabbit-Ear Iris (Iris laevigata)

Rabbit-Ear Iris

Yellow Flag Iris (Iris pseudacorus)

Yellow Flag Iris

Siberian Iris (Iris sibirica)

Siberian Iris

Lousiana Iris (Iris Hexagonae)

Lousiana Iris

Kermesina Iris (Iris versicolor)

Kermesina Iris

Plant Care

True water irises grow best with water over their crown throughout the year and irises love full sunlight! Irises bloom in the spring or early summer, depending on the climate.

And the great thing about irises is that they’re a perennial and will bloom again the following year! What better plant to add to your water garden this year? (Or to gift your mom for Mother’s Day tomorrow.) I know if I had to choose one, I really love the bright purple irises like the Siberian Iris!

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