A-O Pro Tip – Koi Pond Layout, How to Improve Circulation with Art of the Yard

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We’re back with another video for our Learn From The A-O Pro’s series! Today’s video features Shane Hemphill from Art of the Yard showing us a cool koi pond layout and how to improve circulation in your pond!

Contractor, Shane Hemphill, showing the build site and plans for a koi pond

This tip comes from a dedicated koi pond project in Colorado Springs done by Atlantic-OASE Professional Contractors from Art of the Yard. We had Atlantic-OASE staff visit Art of the Yard during their build to catch some awesome A-O Pro Tips!

A-O Pro Tip #13 – Koi Pond Layout, How to Improve Circulation with Art of the Yard

In our 13th A-O Pro Tip, Shane Hemphill, owner of Art of the Yard shows us what his team installs to help keep water moving and circulating in their koi ponds.

Watch the video here!

In the video Shane explains that to eliminate the stagnant area the pond previously had, they installed bottom drains, skimmers and jets. The plan for the pond was to install two bottom drains and two skimmers on opposite sides of the pond.

Skimmer installed into the side of a pond
Skimmer installed into the side of a pond

With the help of a Demi Fortuna’s A-O Pro Tip from an earlier video, Shane shows us how they installed the two skimmers to the side to help pull the water around the pond. Both skimmers are placed in different directions to keep the water flowing. Watch Demi’s tip here: A-O Pro Tip – Hiding a Skimmer with Demi Fortuna.

Shane also notes that good circulation and no stagnant areas are key to a healthy environment for koi fish so, make sure you get your water moving!

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