How to Install an Atlantic 24″ Color Changing Colorfalls Project Bundle

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Create a water feature with ease with Atlantic’s Formal Spillway Project Bundles! You provide the hardscape materials and we’ve got the rest. Atlantic’s Project Bundles include all the Atlantic components you need, ready to be assembled into the water feature of your dreams. Build a beautiful Color Changing Colorfalls water feature using your choice of stone.

Color Changing Colorfalls hardscape water feature built from the 24" Color Changing Colorfalls Project Bundle

What’s Included in the Color Changing Colorfalls Project Bundle?

Formal Spillway bundles are customizable to your project! Choose your Color Changing Colorfalls size from either the 12″, 24″ or 36″ size in length and we’ll send the correct sized Basin to match.

How to Install

The Color Changing Colorfalls Project Bundles, with two people, should take less than a day to install! We’ve created Quick Install Guides and how to install videos to help walk you through the process.

You can see our Quick Install Guides here: Color Changing Colorfalls Bundle Install Guide

In our install videos, we show you how to complete this water feature, step by step: preparing the base, building the structure, installing the plumbing and capping the columns. The only exception to our videos is that we dry stack the block, you’ll be gluing your blocks together with construction adhesive according to the manufacturer’s guidelines.

Watch our how to install video here!

Tools You’ll Need

For the Layout

  • Markout paint
  • Tape measure
  • 2-ft level
  • 4-ft level
  • A straight 2×4

For the Excavation

  • Wheelbarrow
  • Shovel
  • Tamper

Most stone manufacturers recommend setting their stones on a 4″ bed of tamped sand, stone dust or screenings. You’ll need about 8ft³.

For the Stone

  • Lump hammer or mallet
  • Grinder or chisel

For the Plumbing

  • A large wrench (Channellock 16.5″ tongue and groove pliers)
  • Screwdriver or nut driver
  • Tubing cutters or PVC saw

For the Hardscape

You will also need your hardscape stone and the manufacturer’s recommended construction adhesive. Atlantic’s Flexible Basins are sized to accommodate the most common engineered stone dimensions. For this installation we installed the Color Changing Colorfalls Project Bundle to an already existing wall and used a trapezoidal block curved wall solution by Belgard but, you could also create a rectangle enclosure.

Color Changing Colorfalls hardscape water feature built from the 24" Color Changing Colorfalls Project Bundle

Step-By-Step: Installing the Color Changing Colorfalls Bundle

Preparing the Base

Man tamping out sand for water feature base

If you’re starting from scratch, prepare the base by digging out a 4′ x 6′ area, about 6″ below final grade. Tamp the subsoil and then add 8 to 10ft³ of screenings or damp sand. Tamp again and carefully level the base to about 2″ below grade.

To demonstrate how versatile the Color Changing Colorfalls Project Bundle is, we added the bundle to an already existing wall.

If you’re also starting with an existing wall, remove the soil to a depth of about 2″ below the bottom of the wall. Tamp the subsoil and then add the screenings and tamp again. Carefully level the base to end up at the same level as the bottom of the existing wall.

Building the Reservoir

Man installing flexible pvc pipe and funny pipe through a stone wall for a water feature installation

Pass a length of 1.5″ flexible pipe from the bottom of the wall to the back side, about 8″ in from the left corner. We removed a section of block but, you could also dig the pipe under the wall or drill through the wall with a 2″ core bit.

If you’re installing an autofill, which is strongly recommended, pass the fill line through or under the wall about 8″ from the right corner at the same time.

Installing & Plumbing Basin

Man installing an Autofill Kit into an Atlantic Formal Spillway Basin for a Colorfalls water feature installation

Set the Formal Spillway Basin in place to check that the pipes fit in the molded channels in the bottom of the basin. Then, install the plumbing. It is easiest to install the plumbing before installing the block surround.

Drill a ⅞” hole in the basin, where indicated, for the Autofill. Remove the retaining nut on the Autofill, leaving the washer in place, and apply 3 to 4 turns fo sealant tape to the threads. Insert the Autofill into the basin from the inside out and reinstall the retaining nut. Then, thread the ½” funny pipe adapter onto the Autofill and push the funny pipe onto the barbs of the adapter.

TT3000 pump being installed to a bulkhead fitting and into a Formal Spillway Basin for a water feature installation

Disassemble the single union valve and apply 3 to 4 turns of sealant tape to the threads of the male end with the retaining ring. Install the male end of the vale assembly into the bulk head fitting, making sure the retaining ring is in place. Install a male thread adapter to the outlet of the pump. Then, glue in the 90° elbow. Glue the nipple into the elbow and glue the valve to the nipple. Reassemble the valve to complete the plumbing inside the basin

Refer to the included instructions provided in the box as needed.

Man installing the plumbing in a Formal Spillway Basin for a Color Changing Colorfalls formal spillway project bundle

To finish the plumbing outside of the basin, apply 3 to 4 turns of sealant tape to the threads of the threaded elbow and install in the outside of the bulkhead fitting, oriented downward. Cut a 6″ length of pipe and glue it to the remaining 90° elbow, then glue the other end of the short pipe to the threaded elbow that’s connected to the bulkhead fitting. Finally, glue the bottom elbow into the pipe that’s going into the wall.

Building the Reservoir Walls

Atlantic’s Formal Spillway Basins accommodate most engineered stone dimensions without cutting. We used a curved wall solution by Belgard for our installation but, you could also create a rectangle enclosure.

Man hiding the pump cord of a TT3000 pump in the back of a stone wall for the installation of a Colorfalls water feature

Set the first course of block around the Formal Spillway Basin, then bond the next course of stone with adhesive. Follow manufacturer’s recommended adhesive and adjust or cut as needed. Build up and finish the four wall courses to 16″ tall.

You will eventually need to remove the pump for service or replacements so, you must make provisions for the cord at this time in your construction. In the back wall, cut a groove or leave a space large enough for the plug of the pump to pass through the back of the wall either in the fourth course or between the fourth and fifth course.

Diagram showing the 48" needed to be left open for the installation of a Color Changing Colorfalls hardscape water feature

Build the back wall up another course and the columns up another five courses. Carefully measure to leave 48″ between the columns. In the space between the columns, stack the outer stones flat, leaving space for three vertical stones.

Man placing the hardscape blocks into place for a Colorfalls water feature

Before installing the three vertical stones, cut ½” off of the long dimension to make each 11½” long. Set them side by side, broad side to front, in the center of the wall, 1″ back from the front edge. This will create a relief panel and a ½” deep notch for the lip of the Colorfalls.

Image showing the support blocks needed to support a Color Changing Colorfalls body on the back wall of a hardscape water feature

Be sure to support the body of the Colorfalls behind the three vertical stone wall. We used extra wall block to support the body of the Colorfalls.

Man installing a Color Changing Colorfalls onto hardscape stones

To install the Colorfalls, apply 3 to 4 turns of sealant tape to the threads of a male adapter and install it in the center inlet of the Colorfalls. Test the Colorfalls for fit in the ½” notch then, measure and cut a 1½” piece of flexible pvc pipe. Glue the short pipe into the elbow and install the elbow into the male thread adapter. Finally, glue connections to the long supply pipe to complete the plumbing.

Man capping the stone columns of a hardscape water feature

To secure the Colorfalls, apply silicone, NOT permanent adhesive, to the front lip and block the Colorfalls is seated on. The silicone will allow you to remove the Colorfalls in the future if desired. Apply silicone, not adhesive, to the top of the Colorfalls and secure it with capstones to complete the center wall. Then, cap the columns with 6 blocks each. Measure to ensure the overhang is even all the way around.

Fill the Formal Spillway Basin until the Autofill float rises. Check for proper function and adjust as necessary. Then, cap the pump chamber and install the splash mat.

Man installing the lighting plugs for the Color Changing Colorfalls
Color Changing Colorfalls project bundle light testing of the Colorfalls before turning on the water to the water feature. The light on the Colorfalls is red

To finish off your Color Changing Colorfalls installation, download the InfiColor App on your smart phone or tablet. Available on the Apple App Store and Google Play, this app will allow you to fully customize the lighting colors and sequences for your Color Changing Colorfalls.

Apply a dab of the provided dielectric grease to the plug of the Colorfalls and securely tighten to the outlet of the InfiColor Module. Apply another dab of dielectric grease to the plug of the Module and connect securely to the transformer. Plug in the Module and test. You’re now ready to program your InfiColor Color Changing Colorfalls. See manual for details if needed.

Color Changing Colorfalls hardscape water feature built from the 24" Color Changing Colorfalls Project Bundle

Plug in the pump and enjoy your beautiful new Atlantic water feature!

Be sure to check out our YouTube for videos on the other Formal Spillway Project Bundles and read more on the blog!

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  1. Hi, my landscaper installed the 24 inch colour changing spillway as a water feature for my pool last Semptember. Unfortunately he did not leave the box or receipt. It was late in the season and so we didn’t get to turn it on. When we opened our pool recently the spillway worked but we cannot get the lights to work. According to your website it looks like a remote is required. What can we do to get the lights to work? Is a remote required? If there is an issue with the lights is there a warranty? Thanks.

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