Create a symphony of brilliant color in your backyard oasis with Atlantic’s SOL Color Changing LED Systems. Below, Color Changing Colorfalls provide the main notes, accented by Spouts fitted with Spout Lights to either side and underscored by Scuppers lit from below with Color Changing Light Rings, all easily linked and synced to a single remote control.


  • (1) SOLTRANS88 - Transformer
  • (5) SOLCCSPL3 - 3-Way Splitter
  • (2) SOLCCEXT - Extension Cord
  • (1) SOLCCLR - Light Ring
  • (2) SOLCCSL2 - Spout Light
  • (2) CC24 - 24" Colorfalls
  • (6) SOLCCH06 - 6" Hardscape Light


















Did You Know?

Spout Lights are designed to work in formal Wall Spout applications, but are also ideal to illuminate the flow from cored boulders. Use a minimum 1” threaded tee at the bottom of the boulder for best results.