Pond De-Icer

Pro Series Fountain Basin Features

  • Pond de-icers maintain a hole in ice to allow the exchange of oxygen and other gases in wintery conditions 
  • The Pond De-Icer allows oxygen to diffuse into pond water otherwise sealed off by ice, while toxic carbon dixode and methane from decomposing organics diffuse out 
  • Atlantic's Pond De-Icer is constructed of high strength and high temperature PPS polymer for incredible durabilty under the most adverse conditions 
  • Internal thermostat turns heater on just above freezing and off as water warms for fully automatic operation 
  • Indicator light shines blue to show the De-icer is in standby mode when plugged in with water temperature above freezing 
  • Indicator light shines green to show water temperature is below freezing and De-icer is in operation 
  • Efficient heating element only draws 300 watts when needed to keep operating costs low 



To guarantee proper gas exchange under the most extreme winter weather conditions, combine Atlantic's Pond De-Icer and TAKIT0400 Typhoon Aeration Kit. Set the aerator in shallow water below the heater to maximize the efficiency of both products. The rising bubbles going around the Pond De-Icer combine with the heated water to maintain gas exchange under the coldest conditions.