200 Level

202 - Chapter 3

Asynchronous Hybrid Magnetic Drives

If you can figure out how to make the impeller spin in only one direction (so-called “asynchronous” rotation) you can combine the magnetic induction of the Mag Drives with the efficient, one-way impeller of the Direct Drives. The Asynchronous Hybrid Magnetic Drive pump combines the efficiency of the Mags with higher flows and head pressures of the Direct Drives, and have become the mainstay of the industry. ‘Asynchs’ excel at providing flows up to 6000 GPH, to heads up to 30 feet, at very low wattages compared to the other types of pumps. The catch this time? The high efficiency requires close tolerances inside these pumps, which makes them susceptible to clogging and scale buildup. They need to have good prefilters to keep debris out, and regular cleaning where lime scale and other water deposits are a problem.