Decorative Features 103

Chapter 1

Advanced Features

As the category of decorative features grew so did your need for bigger and better. Taller and heavier decorative items are now being used and the basins were not designed to handle the loads or the height. Also the need for longer and more options on the Color Water Weirs were growing in popularity. The need for a larger basin has been answered with the use of rubber liner containment and the matrix cubes used in pond-free features. The matrix alone with the weight distributed on it can handle 14,000 lbs/psi. So to accomplish that you have to cover the matrix with 4-6 inches of gravel before putting the decorative item on it. This was a lot of material and very hard to hook up plumbing and hide the pump. Atlantic has solved that problem with a new product called Eco Rise and the new PV1700 pump vault and 3 way manifold. The Eco Rise system uses the new Eco Rise to diffuse the weight of your decorative item right on the matrix cube. The 20” design spans four of the six vertical supports on the matrix cube. It also raises the decorative item 3” off the matrix to allow room for plumbing connections and light cords if used. The PV1700 was designed to hug the matrix and add access for the pump and 3 way manifold which hooks up to the plumbing. The revolutionary design called the Eco Rise System gives you unlimited things you can do with your small, large or extremely unique decorative items. The colored waterfall weir called the colorfall is also very unique. As the request came in we had to develop a new innovate colored waterfall weir. The new Color Changing Colorfalls as done just that. For all you advanced builders the New Color Changing Colorfall as multiple inlets, self draining, 48 color options and 15 optional functions. The advanced options allow you to connect Colorfalls together and up to 5 connected together changing the same color in sequence. Advanced applications like 15’ of water in a continuous sheet is one option another option would be 5 units staggered in a wall all colors controlled by one remote. One of the coolest advanced features is the 48 color options that the new remote gives to the Colorfalls, giving you the ability to lock in that Halloween Orange or St Patties Day Green. Also installing the unit into different materials like glass bottles, tile, granite, and deck wood gives an appeal to many different audiences. It’s not just for formal block walls. 

Over all the Eco Rise System and the Color Changing Colorfalls takes your advanced build skills with Decorative Water Features to a new level and beyond.