About Us


Atlantic Water Gardens is the proud manufacturer of premier water feature products with a thirty-year history in the field. We’ve come a long way since the Jersey Shore in the late 1980's. We began with easy-to-install pre-formed ponds, filters and skimmers, perfect for the beginning hobbyist, right at the start of a huge surge in interest in backyard ponds. As the years have passed, we’ve seen the market grow and evolve, moving from natural looking ponds to pond-free features, from spray heads to Colorfalls, from the backyard wildlife sanctuary to the Backyard Oasis.

And during all that time, Atlantic has grown and evolved as well, leading the way in bringing excellent, innovative products to market ahead of the trends. Massively strong Skimmers and FilterFalls addressed the issues of durability and maintenance with rotomolded construction, innovative filtration options and the versatility to accommodate every construction style. Our generous, impossible-to-crush FastFalls and Pump Vaults made Pond-free construction simpler and far less likely to leak or burn up pumps, while HS20 certification of our Eco-Blox backs up the strongest water matrix block in the industry. Our signature, often imitated but never excelled Colorfalls, the first and still the best lighted spillway, now fitted with multicolored LEDs and capable of creating any width waterfall, still dominates the sheer descent category of Hardscape features. Four styles of solid brass Spouts and twelve stainless steel and copper finish Spillways suit any wall, any taste and any budget. Today’s Atlantic encompasses every facet of the water feature industry.

Now headquartered in Mantua Ohio, Atlantic continues the tradition of bringing new and exciting products and programs to market. With dealers, distributors and a dedicated sales staff covering all of North America, Atlantic is ready, willing and able to help you with your next water feature project. We invite you to explore our full line of Fountain products, Formal Spillways, Pond-free and Water Garden Systems. We offer the best selection of pumps and pump accessories, including the most efficient water pumps on the market, the TT-Series asynchronous pumps, along with the companion TidalWave Variable Speed Control, the award winning Universal Check Valve and the fully integrated Triton Ionizer. Add to that LED lighting, highly efficient subsurface Aeration Systems and Rainwater Harvesting products, and you will find Atlantic offers the most complete line of contractor ready, professional grade water feature products in the world.

Atlantic products are available at hundreds of distributor locations throughout North America. To discover where you can find Atlantic products click here




Atlantic Water Gardens is a global leader in the water garden industry. We proudly offer a continuously growing roster of the most respected products available. We maintain our position on the cutting edge of water gardening by recruiting the best talent in the industry, to develop the best products and educational materials for every water gardener, from beginning do-it-yourselfers to experienced contractors. First and foremost, we value you, our customer, above all else, and will continually work to demonstrate the loyalty and commitment you deserve.

 Our employees are exceptionally skilled and highly motivated, well-trained to provide customer service that is second to none, and passionate about turning great ideas into innovative products. Our loyalty to our distribution chain and end users ensures a commitment to long-term relationships based on trust, quality and mutual satisfaction. From our executive and sales teams to our design department, manufacturing to shipping, we are dedicated to bringing you the highest quality products, educational resources, promotional material and customer service. Contact us today to join the growing number of our distributors worldwide, and Discover the Difference with Atlantic!


Atlantic Water Garden’s mission is to be the preferred source of water feature and pond products in the water garden marketplace, meeting our customers’ objectives through long-term working relationships based on our core values.


Atlantic Water Garden’s Core Values guide our decisions, shape our business philosophy and nurture strong working partnerships.

• Honesty
• Attention to Detail
• Education Value
• Teamwork
• Personal Accountability
• Attitude
• Imagination and Innovation
• Customer-Focused Service
• Personal Growth
• Promoting Green Manufacturing
• Corporate Social Responsibility  



A quality-conscious culture is our goal and we are committed to customer and employee training and education. These efforts are reflected in our extensive product manuals, online university and on-site training seminars and builds. Employees are rewarded for personal accountability, product improvements, creative innovations, green initiatives and outstanding customer service.



Our objective is to create long-term partnerships that meet and exceed our customer’s expectations.



Our goal, therefore, is to understand our customers’ expectations and the challenges that their companies face, then strive to be an integral partner in finding solutions that meet their needs throughout our partnership.




Hello, thank you for allowing me to introduce you to Atlantic Water Gardens. We are a dynamic company that is passionate about serving the needs of our business partners. We have assembled a great team of people who are ready to put their experience to work for you. Our ethical foundation is strong. Our business model is successful. Our belief in building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships is extremely important to us. We believe in capital reinvestment to provide you with continual new and improved products and services. This helps to sustain growth and secure our place at the forefront of the water feature industry.

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

Bill Lynne
Atlantic Water Gardens Chairman & CEO