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Need advice about water features? Maybe you would like to add patio lighting, wall spouts or a spillway to your Outdoor Living Area? Whether your interests run towards pond kits to create a natural looking pond in the back yard, or you need pond and lake management information or a pond cleaner for your existing water feature, we’ve been there, and we’re here to help.


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2020 Atlantic-OASE Professional Contractor of the Year


Congratulations to Jason and Tony Lenox of Ponds Inc. of Illinois, the 2020 Atlantic-OASE Professional Contractors of the Year! 


Like many events in 2020, the 4th Annual Atlantic-OASE Professional Conference took place on Zoom December 2-3, 2020. Every year, the Conference strives to educate, entertain and provide a venue for fellowship to contractors all over the world. The Atlantic-OASE Professional Conference showcases the extraordinary talents of some of the world’s best pond builders. 


This year, Jason and Tony Lenox and their crew at Ponds Inc. were honored for their years of excellence in pond construction and their influential promotion of best practices. Jason and Tony were awarded the Atlantic-OASE Professional Contractors of the Year award in front of a virtual audience from across the globe, including participants from as far away as Australia.  


The brothers have been creating some of the largest and most beautiful features in the country for over 30 years. Ponds Inc. is based in Elgin, Illinois, but their work spans the country, from Oklahoma to Key West. Not only admired for the excellence of their constructs, the brothers have been a driving force in the industry, promoting the sharing of ideas and helping other contractors whenever asked. Social media is no stranger to them; Jason especially has made a major impact on many up-and-comers with his videos and helpful posts across all venues. See and hear his Fireside chat recorded in December! 


The Lenox brothers are also proud two-time POND Trade Magazine Water Artisan of the Year winners, a contest that Jason originally suggested on POND Trade’s Facebook page.


Read more about Jason, Tony and Ponds Inc. in last year’s blog, here.




About Atlantic-OASE

Atlantic-OASE, member of the OASE Group, is the proud manufacturer of the most innovative water feature products in North America, with over thirty years in the field.


We’ve come a long way since the Jersey Shore in the late 1980's. We began with easy-to-install pre-formed ponds, filters and skimmers for water gardens, perfect for the beginning hobbyist, right at the start of a huge surge in interest in water features and ponds. As the years have passed, we’ve seen the market grow and evolve, from water garden supplies and garden pond kits that created natural looking ponds in the back yard, to the hardscape lights, water walls, wall spouts, stainless steel weir and spillway systems that add the movement and color of LED color changing lights and fountains to the Outdoor Living Area. We have always offered the finest water garden pumps, along with pump protectors, auto fill valves and variable speed controls. Our catalog has expanded to include stainless steel nozzles and fountain accessories, warm white and color changing water feature lighting, pond-free pump vaults and spillways, pond and lake management products, lake aeration systems and rainwater harvesting products.


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