Atlantic's innovative LED Lighting Systems lead the industry with the latest technology, new lights, more color options, upgraded connectors and full-featured mobile applications to put complete control at your fingertips. Choose from a multitude of submersible and external fixtures, Warm White or Color Changing options, applications or OASE Cloud-based control with confidence


  • Atlantic Lighting products are all fully compatible with current and previous generations
  • Solid brass bodies dissipate heat, resist corrosion and provide long lasting, dependable service
  • Silicone gaskets and precision lenses guarantee weatehrproof and waterproof performance
  • InfiColor Smart Module handles 120 watts, controls 3 independent illumination zones and is fully programmable via mobile application, controlling colors, timing, sequences, brightness and transitions 
  • OASE ProfiLux luminaires connect to the Easy Garden Control system for individual cloud-based control from anywhere on the plan


Atlantic's LED Lighting leads the way, giving you more advanced technology, more versatile fixtures, better quality and greater durability than ever before.

Atlantic delivers the technology you want. The InfiColor Module and mobile application at the heart of the color changing system have the competition playing catchup once again. Leading edge technology provides extraordinary control and convenience, with application-based access to over 16 million colors. Enjoy multiple pre-programmed color sequences or create your own from a limitless palette that can be endlessly customized. Choose from a variety of transitions, that fade, jump, blend and more, to accent your favorite sequences, then save them as you wish. Choose any one, two or all three zones to run the same or contrasting sequences, over multiple sessions, for the ultimate in versatility.    


More versatile lighting to meet every need. 2- and 4-watt Spotlights highlight features with a powerful 45-degree beam, staying cooler and lasting longer thanks to innovative driver design and construction. Two sizes of Hardscape Lights accent counters, columns and steps, while the slim profile Bar Light, only
½" x ½" x 12" long, provides wide yet focused illumination to uplight and downlight walls and waterfalls. 5-watt Ring Lights cast a wide 120-degree cone to illuminate the widest of fountain nozzles with warm white or colored light, or flood the interior of bowls and ponds. Our unique 2-watt Spout Light, the only light that installs inside supply plumbing, creates streams of illuminated water after dark. Our Fountain Lights create liquid torches of light at the tops of basalt columns. Economical Pond Lights with high impact waterproof housings feature all the quality you’ve come to expect from high end lighting, without the cost. 


Quality without compromise. Glass lenses, silicone seals and solid brass construction, accented by a timeless and enduring oil-rubbed finish, ensure long, trouble-free service in or out of water. Superior grade light emitting diodes made by Cree, the American manufacturer that created the warm white LED, safeguard against early failure. Dielectric grease in all connections protects against corrosion and
shorting, prolongs service life and comes with every lighting product.