Whether you're considering a single rain barrel or a large in-ground reservoir, Atlantic’s innovative Rain Harvesting components are right for your project. Our Clean Rain Ultra Downspout Diverter, Eco-Blox and Rain Harvesting Pump Vault are all specially designed to capture, store and re-use rain water, allowing you to help the planet by reducing runoff while saving money on your water bill

  • Rain Water Harvesting is a responsible solution to many irrigation and runoff containment dilemmas
  • First flush diverters automatically direct contaminated roof water to waste before collecting allowing clean water to fill cisterns and reservoirs
  • Pump Vaults house and protect the external or submersible pumps and plumbing that distributes harvested water
  • Eco-Blox blocks provide a fully modular containment solution to create underground reservoirs of any size, shape or depth
  • Half and full sized Rain Barrels effectively collect and store water directly at the downspou