Leaf Eater

Pro Series Fountain Basin Features

Attach a Leaf Eater to your downspout to ensure that no debris enters your basin. Easy to install, with a stainless steel mosquito-proof screen and pivoting outlet for either rear or bottom discharge, the Leaf Eater is both simple and effective.

  • Compact, versatile rain head is easy to install
  • Prevents debris from entering basin
  • Outlet pivots for rear or bottom discharge
  • Includes stainless steel mosquito-proof screen


Tank Gauge

Pro Series Fountain Basin Features

Atlantic’s Tank Gauge allows you to easily monitor the water level in your basin, and installs easily into any Atlantic Pump Vault.

  • Monitors water level of any storage system
  • Quick and easy to install, suitable for all new and existing tanks
  • Easy-to-read dial face with empty and full indicators
  • Can be calibrated for holding systems up to 8' deep


Rain Barrel

Pro Series Fountain Basin Features

Sturdy, durable and attractive, Atlantic’s Rain Barrels are perfect for those who want to store rainwater without excavating a below-ground basin.  Available in 110 gallon full-sized barrels and 55 gallon half-barrels that nestle up perfectly to the side of your house, these barrels make storing and accessing rainwater easier than ever.

  • Rain Barrels store rain water directly at the base of a house mounted downspout
  • Atlantic's Rain Barrels are made out of UV protected PVC in an attractive pebble finish to complement any outdoor space
  • Sturdy Rain Barrels are impervious to weather and freezing temperature
  • Convenient outlet located at bottom of barrel connects to any ¾" MIPT fitting
  • Built-in overflow fitting allows barrels to be connected together for greater storage
  • Top of Barrels can be planted to blend into landscaping