Do I Need To Drain My Pond Water To Clean Efficiently?

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A common misconception is that “dirty” water needs to be drained before ponds can be properly cleaned. In-fact, the opposite is often true with water that appears dirty. In reality, dirty looking water can actually be very healthy and is working with the pond’s eco-system to provide a natural cleaning service.

Pond water is filled with micro-organisms and millions of beneficial bacteria, which are constantly at work to break down harmful substances, such as ammonia and nitrites. These are essential to ponds with fish, and form the basis of the “nitrogen cycle“, which helps keep the pond in balance.

Fully draining pond water should always be a last resort, and it’s certainly not something you need to do if you want to clean your pond. As a matter of fact, draining your water can actually make the pond dirtier in the future because the natural eco-system will be disrupted. This is especially the case in wildlife ponds. Even though heavily draining water may be required under some circumstances, in terms of general cleaning, it is rarely a necessity so long as you have the right equipment at hand. 

Using an OASE PondoVac will provide the right equipment to achieve a pond clean out without draining the pond. OASE PondoVacs feature powerful suction and a variety of attachments to tackle any of your maintenance and pond clean out tasks. PondoVac pond vacuums remove settled debris and waste from the bottom and sides of your pond to keep your pond clean without draining. It’s pretty similar to vacuuming your carpet at home!

Time is always looked at when doing a project like this but, the PondoVac will reduce the time you spend cleaning your pond.  Adding the use water treatments such as ClarityBlast, ReClaim and EcoSolv, to help maintain the clarity of your pond.

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