A-O Pro Tip – Installing a Copper Bowl with Art of the Yard

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We’ve got another great tip to share with you from our new, Learn From The A-O Pro’s series! This is a video series hosted by Atlantic-OASE where our water feature contractors share their expertise in the field! We’re collecting all the helpful tips and tricks our contractors gave us while creating their water features and sharing them with you! This week’s A-O Pro Tip: Installing a Copper Bowl with a twist!

This tip comes from the build in the Sandbox at Atlantic-OASE’s headquarters in Aurora, Ohio. Contractors from Art of the Yard, Alpine Custom Hardscapes and Demi Fortuna, from his own company, August Moon Designs, came to Ohio to dig in the dirt to kick off the start of this new series. After the 5-day building palooza, they created 3 incredible water features including a pond and waterfall feature with a custom copper bowl fire feature, a pond-free waterfall and a formal fountain hardscape.

A-O Pro Tip #3 – Installing a Copper Bowl with Art of the Yard

The 3rd A-O Pro Tip of the series comes from Shane Hemphill from Art of the Yard. He explains how to install an Atlantic Copper Fountain Bowl with a unique illusion.

Watch the A-O Pro Tip video here!

Shane wanted to build his water feature with an Atlantic Copper Fountain Bowl flowing partially into the pond and partially on to the patio they created next to the pond. This illusion trick was done by over excavating the pond and creating a false wall inside the pond with wall block and Eco-Blox to set the Copper Fountain Bowl and the patio on top.

By creating a false wall, Art of the Yard was able to create a chamber to hide the Eco-Blox as well as all of the gas and plumbing lines for the Copper Bowl. The wall blocks also create the structure for the pavers or flagstone patio to cantilever over the pond edge. When installing the patio, they added a slight pitch back towards the Copper Bowl to ensure no leaks.

When creating this water feature, it’s possible to either tee off your existing waterfall system from the Skimmer to bring water to the Copper Bowl or install an AquaMax Eco Premium pump or a TT4000 pump into the bottom of the pond to supply water to the Copper Bowl. In this build, Art of the Yard used a TT4000.

Pond and waterfall with a Copper Fountain Bowl and fire feature flowing into the pond

This water feature is also unique in that Art of the Yard also attached a custom fire feature to the Atlantic Copper Bowl. The fire feature includes a check valve for protection in case rain or wind puts out the fire. It will automatically cut off the gas supply to create a safe installation. 

This fire feature can be ran with propane or natural gas. Contact Art of the Yard to help you design a fire feature to enhance your Copper Bowl. 

Fire and water Copper Fountain Bowl design drawing

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