National Pet Day at Atlantic-Oase

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Today (April 11th) is National Pet Day and what better way to celebrate than looking at a bunch of cute pet pictures on the internet? So, to brighten everyone’s day, I present to you all the adorable honorary furry co-workers here at Atlantic-Oase!

black and white cat sleeping
Tyler’s sleepy kitty, Hilda!
two collage pictures of a dachshund
Erica’s dachshund, Watson!
black and white cat looking up
This curious cat, Zorro, loves to have photoshoots with our camera-pro, Leah!
collage of two pictures of a corgi
Kendahl’s backpack-traveling corgi, Thor is all smiles everyday!
two black and white dogs
Ashley’s dogs, Nova & Luna are best buds!
collage of two dogs
Cynthia’s two cute pups, Ziggy and Buddy!
golden doodle dog sitting next to a stuffed Scooby Doo
Peter’s pup, Scooby, on a day off from the office. Scooby visits us in the office a few times a week! It looks like he approves of his stuffed doppleganger!
two dogs laying next to each other sleeping
We wish we could nap all day long like Priscilla’s hounds, Bexley & Calla.
collage of two pictures of a tabby cat
Calypso is Kyla and Mason’s fearless feline!
dog picture
All smiles from Brinda’s dog, Bear!
collage collection of pictures of 3 pugs and a horse
Judy’s house is full of furry family members! Socks (horse), Miss Beans, Doodle Bug & Mr Bear
How can we be a water feature company without someone having a pet fish? We love the coloring on Sean’s fish, Bubba! Bubba loves to watch TV in the living room with his family!
collage of a dog wearing sunglasses and a black cat in a red hat
Jim’s pets, Dodge and Mr. Shivers are rocking it out with their outfits!
long haired German Shepard
Good vibes from Todd and his long-haired Germain Shepard, Duke!
collage of cat pictures
Maui and Moana are always up to no good at Caitlyn’s house!
black cat sitting on a laptop
Megan’s kitty, Harrison, disapproves of working from home. Such a needy co-worker!
collage picture of two dogs and two cats
Debbie & Kristin have lots of love to share with all their clothes-wearing cuties!
dog sitting on a patio next to a rock fountain
Kyle’s water feature-loving pup, Bailey, loves to spend time by her pond and waterfall!
collage picture of a German Shepard, two bunnies and three cats
Cats, dogs, bunnies oh my! The cuteness! Gina’s house is full of cuddles!
boxer dog sitting on couch and eating a pup cup from Dunkin collage pictures
Tyson makes himself comfortable on Jeff’s office couch and loves pup cups from Dunkin’ with Jay!
collage picture of two dogs and a cat
How adorable are Carrie’s fur babies?
dog wearing a orange sweater
Oreo is always happy to see Wanqi after a long day at work!
collage picture of two dogs wearing Christmas candy cane pajamas
Tim’s pups love wearing their Christmas pajamas!

If you’ve made it all the way to the bottom of this blog, thanks for reading! We hope all of these pet pictures made your National Pet Day even better! Share your pictures of your pets with us on Facebook and Instagram! We’d love to see all the furry friends you share your days with at home!

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Caitlyn Winkle

After graduating from the University of Akron, Caitlyn joined Atlantic-OASE in the fall of 2019. Caitlyn manages the social media and online content for the company. She also supports the Atlantic-OASE Professional Contractor (APC) Program and Marketing Departments in creating marketing and advertising strategies and plans.

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